Transplanting Michigan's Trees Since 1995


Advanced Tree Moving is an industry leader in providing tree relocation/moving services to both commercial and residential clients throughout Metro Detroit. From small to large - we are equipped with the right equipment and experienced staff to ensure a pain free and streamlined transplanting process.


Tree Inventory

We have hundreds of trees available from Deciduous trees such as Maple, Oak, Beech and Pear, to Evergreens such as Norway Spruce, Black Hills Spruce, White Pine and Firs. We also offer a wide variety of Ornamental trees.

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Featured Trees

Looking for something uncommon or with a unique appearance? Our tree inventory includes a selection of featured trees that have been hand picked by our in-house arborist.

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We Buy Your Trees

We buy landscape quality trees. Evergreens up to 35' tall, as well as shade trees and ornamental trees with up to 12″ trunk diameter. Thin out the trees on your property and receive money for the trees you can do without!

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Transplant Trees

We can transplant your trees within your yard or from one property to another. We own pod trailers for all of our trucks allowing us to transplant multiple trees at one time making the longer distance moves much more efficient and affordable. We take great care in preparing the trees for transplanting with our specialized equipment.